(tune: Yellow Rose of Texas)

We're the finest Pack of Cub Scouts,
That you have ever seen.
We're loyal and we're honest,
We're never rude or mean.
We're proud to wear our uniform,
We like the Gold and Blue.
You know that you can count on us,
To live our Promise true.
We follow our Akela,
We always do our best.
We work on our advancement,
We rarely stop to rest.
We learn while earning badges,
Cub Scouts know more than most.
We learn to be good citizens,
About that we can boast.
We love our God and country,
We respect our fellow man.
We're busy doing good turns,
We help each time we can.
We're proud to be Americans,
We fly our flag to show
Our land is free for you and me
To live and learn and grow.

    - Bay Area Council Pow Wow, 1994