Characters:  Some Cubs are dressed as parents and seated at a table decorated as for a Blue and Gold banquet.  One or two Cub Scouts dressed as waiters - wearing an apron and carrying a towel over arm.

Narrator:  It is the annual Blue & Gold banquet at Pack ___.  Every year the Cub Scouts in Pack ___ serve as waiters and cook for their parents.  The boys try very hard to do a good job, but every year a few things seem to go wrong.  Let's see what is happening this year.

Parent#1:  Excuse me, Johnny.  Is this coffee or tea?  It tastes like KEROSENE.

Cub waiter:  Then its coffee.  The TEA tastes like GASOLINE.

Parent #2:  I hope you'll hurry and bring my food.  I'm so hungry I could eat a HORSE.

Cub waiter:  You've come to the right place! (Raise up plate with horse on it)

Parent #3:  Why do you have your FINGERS on the top of my plate?

Cub waiter:  (serving plate with his hand all over it)  So it won't fall on the floor again!

Parent #4:  Why are you STOMPING on my steak?

Cub waiter:  (stomping something on floor)  Because when you told me to bring you your food, you said to "STEP on it".

Parent #5:  I'm afraid there is a fly in my soup.

Cub waiter:  Oh, don't worry.  There's NO extra charge.

Parent #5:  There REALLY is a fly in my soup.

Cub waiter:  What did you expect at a Blue and Gold banquet - a hummingbird?

Narrator:  Ah, yes.  Just another Blue and Gold banquet at Pack ___.  Good eating everyone!!!