PACK        "Pack, pack
PARENTS   "Now, now"
BOBCAT    "Meow, meow"
WOLF       "Howl, howl"
BEAR        "Grrr, grrr"
WEBELOS  "(Indian yell)"

Once upon a time there was a pretty good PACK who did a lot of things and had a lot of fun.  The PACK had a few new BOBCATS who had just joined the PACK with a lot of other waiting to join.  There were also a few WOLVES, they are the Cubs who are 7 years old.  Most of the Cubs in the PACK were BEARS, who were 8 and some who were almost 9 years old.

After a Cub has been a BOBCAT, WOLF, or BEAR, he becomes a WEBELOS which means WE'll BE LOyal Scouts.  The WEBELOS differs from the BOBCAT, WOLF, and BEARS because it prepares the WEBELOS Scout to be a Boy Scout.  The WEBELOS uniform is different, too.  They wear a special hat, neckerchief, and a shoulder ribbon.

The WOLVES and BEARS work on achievements and electives for gold and silver arrows with their PARENTS.  The WEBELOS work toward activity pins and the highest award in Cub Scouting, the Arrow Of Light, with their Den Leader.

The PACK was going along real good until summer came and a few leaders moved.   The PACK is now in great need for PARENTS of the BOBCATS, WOLVES, BEARS, and WEBELOS to help the PACK as a Den Leader or on the committee.  The PACK needs the help from the PARENTS so the PACK can grow and go.  The PACK can't function with only a couple of PARENTS doing everything, so PARENTS help your BOBCAT, WOLF, BEAR, and WEBELOS get a better program of fun and adventure in our PACK.  PARENTS sign up now.