The following is just to give you an idea of what is a genius kit.  Make up your own from items that you find.  Contents of all kits must be identical.
Suggested items:
1 piece of cloth 12"x18"
12 inch piece of 1/2" dowel
1 board 1x6x10 inches
1 small tube of glue
4 ft. of string
1 golf tee
1 #2 tin can
1 wire coat hanger
6 pipe cleaners
2 spools
4 corks
12 tacks
4 ice cream sticks
Rules for Genius Kit project:
  1. Use only materials found in bag.  You don't have to use everything, but you can't add anything.
  2. You may cut dowel, board, cloth, wire, or spools as needed and into as many pieces as you like.
  3. You may use saw, hammer, jackknife, sandpaper, drill or any other tool.
  4. Use you imagination and have fun.
  5. Bring your finished Genius Kit to the pack meeting