Top Award
For the person who is "tops" (use small toy tops)
Top Banana
For the person who is in charge (plastic banana or dole banana sticker.
Top Hat Award
For the person we must take our hats off to (mount top hat on base.
YDG Award
"Ya Done Good" (cut out letters from vinyl or leather)
Whale Award
For the person who does a whale of a good job (can be a toy or cut out the shape of a whale)
Whisk Award
For the person who is un"beat"able at "whisking away our troubles (small whisk broom or wire whisk)
Puzzle Award
For the person who makes the pieces fall into place (puzzle shape cardboard - minus one? - taped on the back.
to round up all the Cub Scouts (and/or parents) for meetings - also for "tying up all those loose ends".
Silver Spoon Award
For the person who really digs in to help (spray paint a plastic spoon)
Spark Plug Award
For the person who is the "main" spark (spark plug, either painted or plain, on a base)
Sponge Award
For new leaders to encourage them to soak up the ideas and energies of the experienced leaders around them (a sponge)
Hop To It Award
Mount a plastic frog for a "Hopping Good Job" or someone who "hopped to it and got it done.
Key to Successful Scouting
Cut out a giant key and give to leaders who are the key to success of a program.
Life Saver Award
For the person who saved you (mount life saver on base or package of lifesaver candies)
Live Wire Award
For the person who is a "live wire" in your unit. (form wire into the words "live wire" and mount)
Lollipop Award
For the person who can't be licked (mount small sucker on base of give giant all day sucker  -- "Ain't been licked yet"
Measure Up
Give a 6" ruler to the leader whose performance set the standard.
Nuts About ____ Award
Attach nuts to a plaque adding moveable eyes and smiles, for the leader who had to be "nuts" to take on a hard task.
On the Ball Award
Is there a den leader or other person in the pack that always seems to have everything together?  Take a board and glue half of a ball covered with an old nylon stocking to it.  Glue a small doll on the top of that to show others that this person is on the ball.
Order of the Bear
Any type of bear given to the leader who did a "Beary Good Job", made things "bearable", or for the "Beary Best".
Pear Award
For a great "pair" mount a plastic pear on base and give to best husband and wife team.
Helping Hand Award
For the person who is willing to lend you his (mount small hand on a spring on a base.
Heart Award
For the person who is all heart (give large plastic heart, wooden, or cardboard cutout - check gift shops)
Heads Award
For the person who is "heads" above the rest (mount small wooden heads on a base.
Wooly Mitten Award
For the person who participated in a winter activity (cut mitten shape from fur and attach a thong)
Thyme, The Spice of Life
(Place some dried thyme in a bottle, or tie a bunch of thyme with ribbon, and attach this poem.  Give to your favorite leader.)
Time marches on, I've been told this is true.
So many commitments - will they ever be through?
Get the kids off to school, do the shopping and cook
Their jobs, their committees, they could ride a book.
They'd include all the shortcuts they take every day
To make sure that Cub Scouting fits in on the way.
Because, as you know, it entails quite a lot
Make a fire, work on badges, bring treats, tie a knot.
Their work could go on until midnight or more
But they really won't mind, it's the boys they adore.
So in order to keep them in step at that pace
We've bottled spare thyme for them - just in case!

- Crossroads of America, 1992