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As we go back to our homes, parents and leaders might keep these thoughts in mind.   Counsel your sons that they may have eyes to behold the red and purple sunsets; that they may have sharp ears to hear the voice of the Great Spirit; guide them to have hands that respect the things God has made.  Help them to be wise to see the lessons hidden in every leaf and rock.  Have them seek strength, not to be superior to others but to be helpful to others.  Help them along the Cub Scout trail to do their best.


Put me in touch with the heart of a boy -- let me study his doubts and fears.  Let me show him a way of life and help him avoid its tears.  For the heart of a boy in its buoyancy is one that is pure and free.  So, put me in touch with the heart of a boy...the heart of a man to be...


The Spirit of Scouting is within each boy.  The promise, the law are all part of it, but, also pride.  Pride in ones self, he den/pack, family/nation; pride in his accomplishments.  The awards are hollow and meaningless unless he met his trials with determination and did his best to overcome them.  The pack and its leadership exist only for the boys, to challenge them to bigger challenges and honor them for their accomplishments.


Scouting is for the boy and his family.  It teaches the boys crafts, skills and helps to show them the right way.  it tries to teach adults understanding and compassion.  But most of all Scouting is FUN!  And now may the Master of all Scouting be with us until we meet again...Good night and good Scouting!


We often speak of horizons...not one, but plural, horizons.  Did it ever occur to you that there are more than one?  When you have worked and planned to reach your horizon, you stop to rest and look up to see before you still another horizon just as far away as the last.  When that horizon is within your grasp, wonder of wonders, still another is waiting.  Few men ever reach all horizons...some never even reach the first...and still others never start.  Look at what they miss.  All they ever see is the small area around them.  This is NOT the Cubbing way.  Cub Scouts must reach a series of horizons on their climb to the Arrow of Light.  Small horizons, but they lead to the farther horizons of Scouting and manhood.


Today in our country there are over six million boys and adults in Scouting.   That's a good thing to know...a good thing to think about when we get to wondering about the future.  Six million, keeping a promise to "do their best", to "help other people" and to "respect God and country".  Six million, following Baden-Powell's admonition "try to leave this world a little better than you found it".  These six million can make the difference in tomorrow.   These six million WILL make the difference in the future of this country and in the future manhood around the world.


All too often as we go thorough school we wonder why we must study history.  Why do we study the past?  Perhaps the best reason for looking back is said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".  We can only learn from our mistakes and make certain they don't happen again.


To be smart is a gift; but to be wise is an even better gift.  A smart man knows what he knows, but a wise man knows not only what he knows, but also what he does not know.