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Narrator:  Whatever we want to be in the future, keep in mind:

1st Cub: “D” stands for doctor.  I’ll try to help sick people.

2nd Cub:  “O” stands for operator.  I want to operate a big crane.

3rd Cub:  “Y” stands for youth.  When I grow up I want to work with young people.

4th Cub:  “O” stands for outdoors.  I want to work outdoors when I grow up.  I could be a lifeguard or a forest ranger.

5th Cub:  “U” stands for under.  Strange, but I like submarines.  I will try to work under water.

6th Cub:  “R” stands for reporter.  I like to write and I want to work for a newspaper.

7th Cub:  “B” stands for baseball.  I hope to be a ball player.

8th Cub:   “E” stands for engineer.  I would like to build.  That’s the job for me.

9th Cub:  “S” stands for sailor.  I want to sail on a ship.

10th Cub:  “T” stands for teacher.  I hope to grow up to be a teacher.

Narrator:  So Cubs, “DO YOUR BEST” whatever you do.

All answer:   “We’ll do our best!”