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CUBMASTER: New Bobcats, tonight you will become Cub Scouts and begin a long and wonderful experience which you will share with thousands of other boys around the world. Please repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise. (They do so.)

Parents of these new Cub Scouts, will you lease give the Cub Scout sign and repeat after me:

"As a parent of a Cub Scout, I will do my best to help my son live up to the Cub Scout Promise and to obey the Law of the Pack. I will work with my son on his achievements and projects.  I will attend the pack meetings and help as needed to make the Pack 'GO'."

CUBMASTER: (To parents) I would like to present you with your son's Bobcat badge. Please pin it on him. It is customary to put the badge on upside down until he does his first good turn as Cub Scout.

(Congratulations and handshakes all around.)