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CUBMASTER: We are happy again to welcome ____# of boys and their families, who have joined our Pack. Will the following families please come forward. (Read names of boys in attendance.)

On the table beside us is a unique ceremonial board. It contains but two yellow candles. One candle (light first candle) stands for us, the parents. The other candle (light second candle) stands for our sons, the Cub Scouts. With both candles in place, the ceremonial board is in balance. Should we remove the parent's candle (loosen wing nut and remove first candle), the Cub Scout candle goes down. This is what will happen if we, the parents, do nothing with our Cub Scout sons. If, on the other hand we work with our sons and guide them along their way, we can create a balance (replace candle and tighten wing nut) which can be compared to the beauty and symmetry of a tree.

ASST CUBMASTER: "The Family Tree", by Helen Crawford

There's one thing in God's nature world
That means a lot to me--
It symbolizes much of life
It is a lovely tree!!
With roots so deep in God's rich earth
It's not disturbed by weather--
Like families with faith in God
Who live in peace together.
Its trunk, the body strong and firm,
Like parents anywhere--
To guide, control, direct, sustain
The offspring which they bear.
The branches which like children spread
In every known direction--
Until the fruitage of their growth
Has reached its full perfection.
And so a tree appears to me
The gem of God's creation--
As it portrays our families
Which constitute a nation.

CUBMASTER: And now we want to receive these parents and their sons into the fellowship of the Pack.

Will every parent stand and join with these new Cub Scout Parents in repeating after me... "We, the parents of a Cub Scout, do promise to assist our son in earning his Cub Scout badges. We will be faithful in out attendance at pack meetings, and assist in every possible way, as we help our son to Do His Best."

Will all the Cub Scouts now stand, give the Cub Scout Sign, and join these new Bobcats in saying the Cub Scout Promise.

"I, ______, promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack."

The two yellow candles, representing the parents and the boys will now be joined together to light the center blue candle, which represents the Pack. For without the boys or their parents, the Pack could not exist.

Because you parents have helped your son earn the Bobcat badge, will you pin it on him and then give him his certificate. Traditional in Scouting is the turning of the Bobcat badge upside down until the boy does a good deed.

Each of the mothers will now be presented the Mother's Ribbon, on which the boys will pin each rank as he earns it. We ask that you wear the ribbon to all Pack Meetings and any other Scout functions.

Welcome again to the Cub Scout family of Pack ______.