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PERSONNEL: Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster

EQUIPMENT: B.S.A. Stamp (made from Inner tube) Pins on the Bobcat badge cards (Badge attached upside down), Stamp pad, Fire (artificial or real), Twigs.

ARRANGEMENT: 1) As you read the list of names ask them to leave the room if inside or gather as a group away from the fire if outside, (with the assistant Cubmaster). If outside they are each handed a twig. 2) Have all the other Cubs also Den Chiefs and Den Leaders form a circle around the fire and join hands while facing the fire. 3) Ask the ones around the fire to say "sssss" each time a Bobcat is branded (Cubmaster say also). 4) If inside, dim lights or only have a few in back on during ceremony.

CUBMASTER: (Shouts) Round-up, Round-up

(At this time Assistant Cubmaster brings the Bobcats to just outside the circle of Cubs.)

CUBMASTER: Do these mavericks carry a Brand?

ASST. CUBMASTER: They are not branded, but desire to enter our corral.

CUBMASTER: Corral your mavericks. (Assistant Cubmaster opens up circle and leads the Bobcats in)

CUBMASTER: Just as our fire grows in warmth and brightens when you added your wood, so will our Pack grow as you now join us in spirit and numbers.

(Picks up the "Branding Iron") Bobcats, you are about to carry the boy Scouts of America brand which represents one of the greatest organizations for youth in the world. I am going to place this brand on your left hand. You must wear it visibly for 24 hours, and then, tomorrow night when you wash it off I want you to repeat the Cub Scout Promise to yourself, so that, you may carry its ideals in your heart. (Pause) Please repeat the Cub Scout Promise after me. (Hold up your two fingers) "I (name) promise to do my best, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people and to obey the Law of the Pack"

(Now brand the Bobcats saying "SSSS" each time you do a boy.)

CUBMASTER: Now that these Bobcats have been branded, will their parents please come up and join them. (If inside have the lights turned back on) (other Cubs can go back to their seats) (Pause until all parents are up front)

ASST. CUBMASTER: Now that you have completed all the Bobcat requirements you are now entitled to wear this Bobcat badge. But first a word of explanation. The badge will be handed to your parents and they will have the privilege of pinning it on your left side shirt pocket, because they have helped you earn this and will be continually helping you throughout the Scouting program. You will notice that it is upside down. Later when you feel you have performed a good deed you may turn it right side up and sew it on your shirt.

(Read the names of the boys again as the Cubmaster hands the awards to the parents - shake each boys hand)