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EQUIPMENT: Bobcat investiture board with candles.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Bobcat candidates, parents.

CUBMASTER: The top three candles on our ceremony board represent the Cub Scout promise. This is a promise which binds all Cub Scouts together in a common goal. It is through this promise that we are guided and directed.

I light the white candle which stands for "I promise to do my best." This is not always easy to do. Cub Scouts should do the best they can.

I light the red candle which stands for the second part of the promise "To help other people". Helping others not only makes them happy, but it makes the Cub Scouts happy, too. You help other people by doing a good turn each day.

I light the blue candle which stands for loyalty and obedience. The third part of our Promise "Obey the Law of the Pack", means that you will follow Akela, who is any respected leader. you will be loyal to our pack and make the best pack on the country. You give good will, which means that your attitude of helpfulness and friendship can benefit other people as well as yourself.

Together these three candles represent the Cub Scout Promise, (Point to the white candle) I promise to do your best, to do my duty to God and my country (Point to the red candle), to help other people (Point to the blue candle), and to obey the Law of the Pack.

In the center of the board are three white candle representing the Law of the Pack. (Light the 1st candle) The Cub Scout follows Akela. (Light the 2nd candle) The Cub Scout helps the pack go; the pack helps the Cub Scout grow. (Light 3rd candle) The Cub Scout gives good will.

These same three white candles represents the Cub Scout's loyalty to God, Home and Country...when you give the Cub Scout salute, three of your fingers are hidden (show salute) and those three fingers stand for God, Home, and Country. Please give the salute and remember the hidden meaning.

The remaining candles stand for the ranks of Cub Scouting. We will light the Bobcat candle and additional candles as the other badges of rank are presented tonight.

(Presents Bobcat badge to parents and boy. Handshakes and congratulations all around.)