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EQUIPMENT: Balance candle board, white, blue and gold candles, Bobcat badges.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, den chief or assistant Cubmaster

We are happy tonight to welcome (number) new Bobcats and their families into Pack No._______.

As I call your names, please come forward and stand next to our awards table.

And now (Cubs' names), I would like for you to tell me the Cub Scout motto, and the Law of the Pack. On the table you see our balance board with three candles, the white candle that is burning so brightly, stands for the Spirit of Scouting. This candle brightens all of our meetings. The blue candle, (den chief lights candle) stands for the Cub Scout, and the yellow candle, is for the parents. Parents, without our help, our son's candle will fade and finally go out (den chief blows out candle and then relights it). If we work with our sons and guide than along Akelas trail, their light will always shine brightly.

Mr. & Mrs._________ , would you please repeat after me the parents pledge.

"We as parents will do our aid and assist our son in his Cub Scout activities...we will encourage him with leniency...and realizing that the Cub Scout one of equal participation for boys and parents.. we will assist as we are serving as leaders, advisers or workers."

Mr. & Mrs._________ , since you have helped you son to achieve his first stop along Akela’s trail, I ask you to pin this badge, upside down, on his left shirt pocket.

Bobcat: You must do a good deed in order to turn your Bobcat badge right-side-up, and tell your den leader about your deed at your next meeting.

Congratulations to all of you., and welcome to Pack No._____

Den No._______ , how about a special cheer for our new Bobcat and his family!