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To Upside Down Bobcat Ceremonies

For several years, the Cub Scout Division has been trying to discourage the use of the Bobcat ceremony in which boys are physically turned upside down.  There are several reasons for this:

  1.  It has a strong possibility of being frightening to some boys.
  2.  It smacks of adult harassment of kids.
  3.  It makes a frivolous occasion of what should be a solemn, dignified ceremony.
  4. It carries a real potential for injury.  I wonder what explanation a leader could give parents (and, possibly, the attorney) of a boy who was dropped on his head as to what was going on and why it was important.
  5.  There is no Cub Scout basis to the ceremony.  “Do a good turn daily” is the Boy Scout slogan.  There is no point to pinning a Bobcat badge on upside down until a boy does his “first good turn”, because the daily good turn is not a Cub Scouting concept.

In summary, there is no point to this type of “ceremony”, and it contains significant potential for harm.  As such, it has no place in Cub Scouting and should not be used.