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Cubmaster: Would the Wolves and Bears who are being awarded arrow points please come forward by the table with your den leaders.

Before our forefathers immigrated here the Indian was already here.  He had struggle to survive in this vast country and many tribes were formed.  Although there were many things important to the Indian, the point on his arrow was most important.  It protected him against his enemy, it fed him if shot straight.  It took skill, patience and hard work to make a good arrow point.  It took skill to attach the arrow point to the shaft.  The shaft of the arrow symbolizes your life, the feathers symbolizes the wings of your spiritual life so that you may go straight and far, and the arrow point symbolizes the skills that will help you through your life.  I am proud of you who have worked hard and earned these special awards.

Den leaders, please present the arrow points.

-Bay Area Council Pow Wow, 1994