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Equipment:  Arrows (gold and silver) and Arrow cards

Personnel:  Cubmaster; Assistant Cubmaster (or Den Leader Coach)

Cubmaster:  Tonight we have some Wolves and Bears who have been hard at work on their electives and so (number) of them have done enough to earn their Gold Arrow under Wolf (Bear) and (number) have earned their Silver Arrows.  I would like the following boys and their parents to come up onto the stage with the parents standing in back of their sons.  (Read list of boys and whether gold of silver arrow, and under which badge).

Cubmaster:  It gives me great pleasure to award these boys their Arrow Points tonight.  As I read your names, ______ our Assistant Cubmaster, will hand you the awards with our congratulations for a job well done.

After this is done, the Cubmaster says:

These boys have learned how to make and do many useful and fun things while working on these electives.  For each 10 projects he completes, he receives an Arrow Point, so that you can see that these boys have been busy fellows indeed.  For all of their fine efforts, we're doing to give them a special applause stunt.

    - Detroit Area Council, Pow Wow 1990