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PERSONNEL:  Akela, medicine man; two archers (Cub Scouts); Arrow of Light candidates and their parents.

EQUIPMENT:  An archery target, 3 to 4 feet in diameter; candelabra with five lighted candles representing the ranks of Cub Scouting; bow and arrows for each archer (arrows are later presented to candidates); Arrow of Light Awards and certificates; safety pins.

ARRANGEMENT:  The target is set up at the rear of the stage, no more than 10 feet away and in such a position that no person can pass behind it; the candelabra is at the front.

Akela: Medicine Man, I understand there are those among us tonight who have earned the Arrow of Light Award. Present them to this council for proper recognition.

Medicine Man: Will the following WEBELOS Scouts come forward? Please bring your parents with you. (Arrow of Light candidates and their parents come forward.)

Akela: You WEBELOS Scouts have fulfilled all requirements for the Arrow of Light Award. This is your last step in Cub Scouting before entering Boy Scouting. You have already visited a Boy Scout troop and have talked to the Scoutmaster. Before you are the burning candles that represent the ranks of Cub Scouting. May it always be said of you, as a brave of the WEBELOS tribe, that you reach the top of any ladder of achievement set before you. You will soon go into Boy Scouting, there to be tested again.  May you ever be successful. Will you always do your best?

Arrow of Light Candidates: We will.

Akela: I now ask that two of the best archers of the tribe come forward.  As each WEBELOS Scout’s name is called, an archer will shoot from a strong bow an Arrow of Light, signifying the highest honor that this tribe can bestow on one of its worthy braves. (Archers come forward.) Will the WEBELOS Scouts and their parents form a living circle? (Akela may coach parents.) As the Arrow of Light speeds to its target may you remember that the spirit of Cub Scouting and of Boy Scouting is one and the same. The spirit of the entire Scouting movement is one of service, high ideals, and fellowship. (At this point the name of each candidate is announced slowly and with dignity by the Medicine Man, who pauses after each name until an arrow is shot. The archers retrieve their arrows and stand near Akela.)

To you parents I give the Arrow of Light Award and certificate, which you will present, to your son. The badge may be worn on his uniform now, centered on the flap of his left shirt pocket, and on his Boy Scout     uniform later. (Presents awards.)

It is an honor for me to recognize you WEBELOS Scouts and to present you with these arrows. You may hang your arrow in your room to remind you of the good times we have had together in Pack [number]. (Presents arrows.  The archers may assist, if necessary.)

We know that you will become worthy members of your Boy Scout troop. Boy Scouting will be a grand adventure for each of you.

Good luck!