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Equipment:  Arrow of Light symbol, seven 1” candles and matches, candles with protectors for boys, Arrow of Light badges or pins, plaque.

Place the AoL symbol on the table and light the candles.

Lower lights.

“Tonight we honor ___ with the presentation of his/their Arrow of Light award(s).  We ask ____ and his/their parents to come forward.”

Hand candles to each boy and have them light candles from the flame of one of the candles burning on the symbol.

Boy(s) hold candle while following is said:

“The arrow you see on the symbol represents the trueness of the path you will follow in Scouting.  You have started on your journey in Scouting – And you have flown straight and true to your target.  Now you must aim for a new target – Remember that the seven rays of the sun are reminders to do your best all seven days of each week.  In recognition of your achievements, we now present to you the Arrow of Light Award.

Take candles from boy(s) and extinguish.  At the same time, hand them the award.  Parents pin award on boys if metal pin is used.

“To show the appreciation of Pack ___ for you hard work and success, we now present to you this plaque as a sign of the true path you have followed.

Congratulations boys!”